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How to finance your next Sundance Grinder? Compare and consider your options...

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Accord Commercial and Agricultural Equipment Leases
   Loan Leasing

Payment Options All up front Fixed or floating Suited to your cash flow
Application Process None - Depending on vendor Full financials Simple 1 page application
Down Payment 100% Usually 20% 1 or 2 payments
Equipment Types Any Restricted Virtually any
Soft Costs Included Not Included Included
Collateral Equipment Equipment plus possible blanket liens Equipment
Credit Lines Lose liquidity Reduce available credit Additional credit source
Tax Accounting Depreciate equipment Depreciation plus interest expense Fully deductible payments
Equipment Leasing
Leasing is a great option if you’re trying to conserve working capital, minimize your down payment, or obtain flexible terms. In most cases, the paperwork consists of a short one to two page application. Below are links to a few of our trusted leasing partners.

Equipment Loans
Sundance always suggests that you contact your local banking agent to originate any type of loan. However, if you have difficulty obtaining the proper funding, please contact your local Sundance representative for additional assistance.