Sundance Grinders, LLC, (Sundance), warrants to the original purchaser all parts, except hammers and hammer pins, of each Sundance Grinder purchased from Sundance or its authorized dealers to be free from defects in material or workmanship for a period of one (1) year starting from the date of delivery. 

Warranties on other components, such as rubber tires, supplied by original equipment suppliers (OEMs) will be stated in their warranty.  We will register these components with the OEM to correspond to the delivery date of your Sundance Grinder.

Sundance agrees that it will replace free of charge, except for costs of installation and transportation, parts which are determined to be defective in material or workmanship and the warranty must be approved by an authorized representative of Sundance. This warranty does not apply to components supplied by other original equipment suppliers, as those would be covered with their warranty registrations.

Warranty does not apply to damage or malfunction resulting from accidents, damage in transit, abuse, modifications, alterations, improper servicing or using the product for functions it was not intended to perform. Warranty does not cover normal maintenance services such as adjustments, tune-ups, fuel system cleaning or the results of a natural calamity.

All warranty repairs must be performed by Sundance or an authorized Sundance Grinder dealer.  Our liability is limited to either repair or replacement.  Sundance has no warranty obligation if the allegedly defective components are not reported within thirty days (30) of discovery of the defective component.

Sundance does not authorize any other party to make any representations or promises on behalf of Sundance or to modify the terms, conditions or limitations of the warranty, in any way. The date of delivery shall be recognized as the date shown on the delivery receipt.

Note: Using the grinder/chipper to process material for which it was not designed, i.e., material over 8” in diameter, mud, steel, large rocks etc., may be the cause for rejecting warranty claims.

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